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December 24th, 2016: DESI

Definition: DESI*DESIS n a person of Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi birth who lives abroad

Anagrams: dies ides side

Hooks: desiS

Ana-hooks: Aides Aside Bides Cedis deFis deiLs deisM deisT deLis desHi deVis diCes dieTs diKes diMes diNes disMe diTes diVes dRies ediTs eidOs Hides ideAs idLes isLed Nides Resid Rides sHied sideD sideS sidHe sidLe siPed siRed siTed siZed sKied sLide sNide sPied sTied Tides Vised Wides Wised

'Typos': defi deli deni desk devi

Blana-grams: Aide Aids Beds Bide Bids Bise Cedi dAis deBs deEs deiL deLs deNs dePs deVs deWs deYs diBs diCe dieD dieL dieT diFs diGs diKe diMe diMs diNe diNs diPs diRe disC disH disK disS diTe diTs diVe dOes dOse dUes dYes edHs ediT eGis eidE eLds eNds Feds Fids Geds Gids Gied Gies Hide Hied Hies iCed iCes ideA ideM idLe iRed iRes isLe Kids Leis Lids Lied Lies Meds Mids Mise Nide Odes Peds Pied Pies Reds Reis Ride Rids Rise sAde sAdi sAid seEd seiF seiS seMi seNd sHed siCe sidH siKe siLd siNe siPe siRe siTe siZe sKed sKid sLed sLid sNed sPed sUed Teds Tide Tied Ties Used Vide Vids Vied Vies Vise Weds Wide Wise Yids Zeds

Extensions: desiGN desiRE desiST desiGNS desiNE# desiRED desiRER desiRES desiSTS ANdesiTE COdesiGN GEOdesiC PEdesiS# REdesiGN SYNdesiS desiGNED desiGNEE desiGNER desiLVER desiNED# desiNENT desiNES# desiRERS desiRING desiROUS desiSTED ANdesiNE# ANdesiTES ANdesiTIC COdesiGNS GEOdesiCS GEOdesiES GEOdesiST GUdesiRE# OUTdesiGN REdesiGNS UNdesiRED desiCCANT desiCCATE desiGNATE desiGNEES desiGNERS desiGNING desiLVERS desiNENCE desiNING# desiRABLE desiRABLY desiSTING ANdesiNES# COdesiGNED DIAPEdesiS GEOdesiSTS GUdesiRES# OUTdesiGNS OVERdesiGN PREdesiGN# REdesiGNED SYNdesiSES desiCCANTS desiCCATED desiCCATES desiCCATOR desiDERATA desiDERATE desiGNATED desiGNATES desiGNATOR desiGNEDLY desiGNFUL# desiGNINGS desiGNMENT desiLVERED desiNENCES desiPIENT# desiRABLES desiROUSLY desiSTANCE ARTHROdesiS COdesiGNING GEOdesiCAL# OUTdesiGNED OVERdesiGNS PREdesiGNS# REdesiGNING SYNEIdesiS# UNdesiGNED# UNdesiGNING UNdesiRABLE UNdesiRABLY UNdesiRING# UNdesiROUS# desiCCATING desiCCATION desiCCATIVE desiCCATORS desiDERATED desiDERATES desiDERATUM desiDERIUM# (and 57 more)

Sub-anagrams: de die dis ed eds es id ids is sei si

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