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June 6th, 2016: LUD

Definition: LUD*LUDS n a form of address to a judge in a court

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: ludE ludO ludS

Ana-hooks: Auld duAl duEl dulL dulY lAud lEud lOud

'Typos': bud cud dud fud lad led lid lug lum lun luv lux mud oud pud wud

Blana-grams: dAl dEl dOl duB duE duG duH duI duM duN duO duP Eld Flu Gul lEu Old Pul udO ulU uRd

Extensions: EludE ludES ludIC ludOS ALludE AludEL BludE# BludGE BludY# DEludE EludED EludER EludES ILludE KludGE KludGY SludGE SludGY ALludED ALludES AludELS BludES# BludGED BludGER BludGES BludIE# COLludE DEludED DEludER DEludES EXCludE EludERS EludING ILludED ILludES INCludE KludGED KludGES KludGEY OCCludE PAludAL PREludE SECludE SludGED SludGES ALludING BludGEON BludGERS BludGING BludIER# COLludED COLludER COLludES CONCludE CludGIE# DEludERS DEludING EXCludED EXCludER EXCludES ILludING INCludED INCludES KludGIER KludGING OCCludED OCCludES PAludIC# PAludISM POSTludE PRECludE PREludED PREludER PREludES PREludI# QUAAludE SECludED SECludES SludGIER SludGING ludSHIP# BludGEONS BludIEST# COLludERS COLludING CONCludED CONCludER CONCludES CludGIES# EXCludEE# EXCludERS EXCludING EludIBLE# INCludING INTERludE KludGIEST OCCludENT OCCludER# OCCludING PAludINE# (and 65 more)

Sub-anagrams: (none)

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