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May 22nd, 2015: REPRO

Definition: REPRO*REPROS n a trial sheet of printed material suitable for photographic reproduction

Anagrams: roper

Hooks: reproS

Ana-hooks: Dorper Groper perroN poOrer porKer porTer poUrer preTor proBer proNer proPer proSer proVer proWer reporT repoUr roMper roperS roperY ropIer

'Typos': retro

Blana-grams: Borer Coper Corer Crore Doper epHor erroR Frore Grope Hoper Loper Moper operA orDer orMer pAreo pArer peDro perrY perVo poKer poLer poreD poreS poSer poWer preoP prIer prIor proBe proeM proLe proNe proSe proVe prYer pUrer rAper reBop reorG repoS repoT rIper roGer ropeD ropeS ropeY roVer roWer Sorer Spore Toper Trope

Extensions: reproBE reproOF reproVE reproACH reproBED reproBES reproOFS reproVAL reproVED reproVER reproVES FIreproOF reproBATE reproBING reproCESS reproDUCE reproGRAM reproVALS reproVERS reproVING FIreproOFS PreproCESS PreproGRAM reproACHED reproACHER reproACHES reproBACY# reproBANCE reproBATED reproBATES reproDUCED reproDUCER reproDUCES reproGRAMS reproOFED# FIreproOFED PreproGRAMS UNreproVED# reproACHERS reproACHFUL reproACHING reproBANCES reproBATER# reproBATING reproBATION reproBATIVE reproBATOR# reproBATORY reproCESSED reproCESSES reproDUCERS reproDUCING reproGRAMED reproGRAPHY reproOFING# reproVABLE# reproVINGLY reproVISION FIreproOFING OUTreproDUCE PreproCESSED PreproCESSES PreproCESSOR PreproGRAMED UNreproVING# reproACHABLE reproBACIES# reproBATERS# reproBATIONS reproBATORS# reproCESSING reproDUCIBLE reproDUCIBLY reproDUCTION reproDUCTIVE reproGRAMING reproGRAMME# reproGRAMMED reproGRAPHER reproGRAPHIC reproVISIONS IRreproVABLE# IRreproVABLY# OUTreproDUCED OUTreproDUCES PreproCESSING PreproCESSORS PreproDUCTION PreproGRAMING PreproGRAMMED UNreproACHED# UNreproVABLE# reproACHABLY# reproACHFULLY reproACHINGLY reproACHLESS# reproDUCIBLES reproDUCTIONS reproDUCTIVES reproGRAMMES# (and 23 more)

Sub-anagrams: er err oe op ope or ore pe per po pore pro re rep repo roe rope

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