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May 17th, 2015: OATIER

Definition: 1. OATIER adjective_comparative (see OATY 1) 2. OATY*OATIER*OATIEST adj tasting or smelling of oats

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Goatier

Ana-hooks: erotiCa

'Typos': matier oakier

Blana-grams: aDroit aiGret aireSt airteD aoriSt aortAe aortiC arioSe ariSto aroiNt artieR artSie atoNer atTire Baiter Barite Boater Borate Coater Dotier eDitor erotiC Gaiter Garote Goiter Goitre Heriot iMaret ioDate irateR Loiter Norite oaterS oMerta oPiate orateD orateS orGeat orieNt orNate oSetra Pirate Pratie Protea Protei ratiNe ratioN ratioS ratiTe reBait reBato reCoat retaiL retaiN retiaL retiNa riaLto rioteD rioteR roaDie rotaTe Satire Satori Sortie Striae taiLer taiLor teraiS terBia tHoria tiraDe toeraG toiLer toNier torieS triaGe trioDe trioSe troiKa Viator Waiter

Extensions: FLoatier THRoatier

Sub-anagrams: ae aero ai air airt ait ar are art at ate ear eat er era et eta iota irate ire it oar oat oater oe oi or ora orate ore ort rai rat rate ratio rato re rei ret retia ria riot rite roe rot rota rote roti ta tae tao tar tare taro te tea tear terai ti tie tier tire tiro to toe toea tor tora tore tori trio

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