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January 3rd, 2013: AERODUCT

Definition: AERODUCT*AERODUCTS n a type of jet engine

Anagrams: educator outraced

Hooks: aeroductS

Ana-hooks: acCourted acCoutred ceratoduS crouStade educatorS educatorY uNdercoat

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aBductor acCouter acCoutre adDuctor arcuAted autHored autocAde caPtured carouSed cartoNed caVorted ceratoId cHordate cLotured corNuted couraNte crouPade curVated decoratE deMocrat eductorS eucarYot Factored Furcated oBdurate ocuLated outacTed outcaPer outcrIed outdaNce outdareD outdareS outdreaM outFaced outHeard outPaced outraceS outraGed outraNce outraTed outraVed outreacH outreadS outTrade raGouted readoutS redactoR redcoatS reductoR Seductor taBoured traduceD traduceR traduceS trouNced uNcarted uNcoated uNcrated uNderact uNtraced

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acer acre acred act acted actor acture acute acuter ad ado adore ae aero ar arc arced arco ard are ared aret art at ate atoc auto autoed cad cade cadet cadre car card care cared caret cart carte carted cat cate cater cauter cedar cero cert coat coate coated coater cod coda code coder coed cor cord cordate core cored cot cote coteau coted coude cour courd coure coured court courted couter crate crated cred credo crout croute cru crud crude crue cruet cud cue cued cur curat curate curated curd cure cured curet curt cut cute cuter da dace dae dare dart date dater dato daur daut de dear deco decor derat detour do doat doater doc doe doer dor dore dort dot dote doter douar douc douce doucer doucet dour doura dout douter drat duar ducat duce duct due duet duo dura dure duro duroc ea ear eard eat eau ecad ecod ecru ecu ed educt eductor er era eruct et eta euro oar oared oat oater oca ocrea octa octad od oda ode odea oe or ora orad orate orated orc orca ord ore oread ort ou oud our out outdare outed outer outrace (and 108 more)

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