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October 15th, 2012: BALANCER

Definition: BALANCER*BALANCERS n one that balances

Anagrams: barnacle

Hooks: balancerS

Ana-hooks: barnacleD barnacleS rebalancE

'Typos': balanced balances

Blana-grams: albacOre beraScal blancHer bracTeal calenDar canalLer caPabler carabIne carTable Inarable Parlance

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: aa aal ab aba able abler ace acerb acne acre ae al ala alae alan alane alar alb alba ale alec an ana anal ane anear anlace ar arable arb arc arcane are area areal areca arena ba baa baal bal balance bale baler ban banal bane bar barca bare barn be bean bear bel ben blae blare blear bra brace brae bran bren cab cabal caber cable cabler can canal cane caner car carb care carl carle carn carnal cel clan clean clear craal crab crane ear earl earn el elan en er era ern la lab labra lac lace lacer lance lancer lane lar lea lean lear learn na nab nabe nacre nae nala narc ne near neb race rale ran rance re real reb rec renal

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