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January 10th, 2011: DRAPEY

Definition: DRAPEY adj characterized by graceful folds

Anagrams: prayed

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: drapeRy pedLary Sprayed

'Typos': draped draper drapes grapey

Blana-grams: Brayed Bready Carped Cedary Craped daMper dapPer dearLy deFray deNary deparT derayS dIaper drayeD dreaMy dreaRy dUpery Frayed Grayed Harped Hydrae Japery Keypad Napery padDer padreS paIred paNder paPery parAde pardeE pardIe parGed parKed parLed parLey parOdy parRed parSed parTed payerS pearLy pedLar peTard pLayed pLayer praTed prayeR predRy prePay preyEd raMped rapPed raSped reapEd redBay redCap repaId repaNd repayS repLay Spader Spared Spayed Spread Warped yapPed yapPer yardeD yardeR yarNed yaUped yaUper yaWped yaWper

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae aery ape aped aper apery ar are ay aye dap dare day de dear deary deray dey drape dray dry dye dyer ear ed er era eyra pa pad padre par pard pardy pare pared pay payed payer pe pea pear ped per perdy pray prey pry pya pye pyre rad rap rape raped ray rayed re read ready reap red rep repay rya rye ya yap yar yard yare ye yea year yep

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