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January 7th, 2011: ROOFLESS

Definition: ROOFLESS adj having no roof

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: floorLess flUoroses seAfloors

'Typos': hoofless rootless

Blana-grams: Aerosols Colessor Creosols Doorless flooDers flooreRs floosIes flosserS flossIer fooDless fooTlers fooTless fooZlers forDless forKless forMless lorDoses oDorless reflooDs reGosols resPools roseolAs sAfroles seAfloor sPoofers sPoolers

Extensions: Proofless# rooflessNESS# rooflessNESSES#

Sub-anagrams: ef efs el elf els er eros ers es ess fe fer fes fess floe floes floor floors floss flosser foe foes foo fool fools foos for fore fores foss fosse fro froe froes les less lessor lo loess loo loof loofs loos loose looser looses lor lore lores lose loser losers loses loss oe oes of ole oleo oleos oles oof or ore ores orle orles ors os ose oses re ref refs res roe roes role roles rolf rolfs roo roof roofs roos roose rooses rose roses sel self selfs sels ser serf serfs sers sloe sloes so sol sole soles solo soloes solos sols sore sorel sorels sores sos

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