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November 28th, 2009: MELODIA

Definition: MELODIA*MELODIAS n a type of organ stop

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: melodiaS

Ana-hooks: Halidome melaNoid melodiCa

'Typos': melodic

Blana-grams: alAmode alodiUm ameBoid amidolS amidoNe amYloid Bimodal Camelid Claimed damoSel damoZel daRiole deCimal deClaim diaZole dilemMa diPloma domaiNe domiCal eaRldom emailEd Geoidal Haemoid Halidom Hemiola imPaled imPlead imPlode iSolead limBoed limeadE loamieR medialS mediCal meloidS miaoUed miaoWed miaUled midSole miSdeal miSlead moldieR mYeloid oediPal

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ado ae ai aid aide ail ailed aim aimed al ale alme aloe am ami amid amide amido amidol amie amole da dal dale dam dame de deal deil del deli demo demoi dial die diel dim dime diol do doe dol dole dolma dom domal dome ed eidola el eld elm em email emo id idea ideal idem idle idol ilea la lad lade laid lam lame lamed lea lead led lei li lid lido lie lied lima lime limed limo lo load loam loamed lode loid ma mad made mae maid mail maile mailed male me mead meal med medal media medial mel meld meloid mi mid mil mild mile milo mo moa mod modal mode model modi moi moil moiled mol mola mold mole od oda ode odea oe oi oil oiled old olde oldie ole olea om oma

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