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October 13th, 2009: TEOCALLI

Definition: TEOCALLI*TEOCALLIS n an Aztec temple

Anagrams: localite

Hooks: teocalliS

Ana-hooks: cilIolate colliGate colliMate localiteS oScillate

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: allocAte Balletic callioPe clieNtal clitelLa clitoRal coalieSt coitallY collaRet collateD collateS colleGia eRotical Fellatio lactiTol localiSe localiSt localitY localiZe locatiVe locUlate loRicate Metallic ocellatE Poetical Rocaille Societal Volatile

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace act ae ai ail ait al ale alec alit all allot aloe aloetic alt alto at ate atelic atoll cal call callet calo cat cate ceil cel cell cella celli cello celt ciao cite citola citole cleat clit clot coal coat coati coil coital col cola cole collate collet collie colt cot cote eat eclat eco el ell et eta etic ice ilea ileac ileal ill iota it la lac lace laic lat late lati lea leal lei let li lice lie lilac lilo lilt lit lite lo loca local locale locate loci locie lot lota loti lotic oat oca ocelli octal oe oi oil ole olea oleic olla ollie otic ta tace taco tae tael tail taille talc tale tali tall tao te tea teal tec tel tela telco telia telial telic tell teloi ti tic tical tie til tile till to toe toea toil toile tola tole toll

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