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June 16th, 2009: FIREPOT

Definition: FIREPOT*FIREPOTS n a clay pot filled with burning items

Anagrams: piefort

Hooks: firepotS

Ana-hooks: pieDfort piefortS poStfire profiteD profiteR

'Typos': firepit

Blana-grams: Diopter Dioptre foOtier foretOp forFeit fortieS Loftier oUtfire oVerfit oVertip periDot petrifY pierRot poiNter poitreL poLiter poMfret poOfier poOfter potTier poUtier preRiot preSift profiLe profitS proStie proteiD proteiN repoiNt repoSit ripoSte ropieSt rotifeR Sportif torpefY trefoiL tropiNe

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ef eft er et fe fer fet fetor fie fir fire fit foe fop for fore fort forte fret frit fro froe if ire it oe of oft ofter oi op ope opt or ore ort pe per peri pert pet pi pie pier pit po poet poi pore port pot pro prof profit protei re ref refit reft rei reif rep repo repot ret rif rife rift riot rip ripe rite roe rope rot rote roti te ti tie tier tip tire tiro to toe top tope toper topi tor tore tori tref trio trip tripe trop trope

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