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March 28th, 2009: SAMECH

Definition: SAMECH*SAMECHS n samek

Anagrams: maches sachem schema

Hooks: samechS

Ana-hooks: chamIse chasmeD macheRs maNches maRches maTches mesaRch sachemS schemaS schmeaR

'Typos': samekh

Blana-grams: aLmehs amIces aRches ashmeN Baches caChes cameLs cameOs camIse casheD casheS casheW chaFes chaIse chamPs chaPes chaRes chaRms chaseD chaseR chaseS chasmS chasmY chasSe chasTe cheaPs cheaTs cheLas chemOs chIasm chImes chYmes cReams emDash eNcash eschaR Gaches haceKs haemIc haNces haRems Laches maceRs macheR machOs macLes mahOes maNche masheD masheR masheS mashIe mecCas meNsch mescaL mIches mOchas mUches mUscae Naches sacheT scaThe schemE schmOe scReam seaRch shameD shameS shmeaR sImcha sUmach Taches

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces ache aches acme acmes ae ah ahem ahs am as ash cam came cames cams case cash cham chams chase chasm chem chems each eh em ems es ha hae haem haems haes ham hame hames hams has he hem hems hes hm ma mac mace maces mach mache machs macs mae maes mas mash me mech mechs meh mes mesa mesh sac sae same scam sea seam sec sh sha sham shame she shea

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