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November 8th, 2008: LAITANCE

Definition: LAITANCE*LAITANCES n a milky deposit on the surface of fresh concrete

Anagrams: analcite

Hooks: laitanceS

Ana-hooks: analciteS analectiC analePtic analGetic anelaStic caDential cantaBile cantileNa cHatelain laceRtian lacinIate lanciNate nectaRial Venatical

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acaUline acHenial actinIae aGential alaiMent alGinate alicantS alienatE alLanite alLiance analciMe analectA analectS analYtic ancilLae anGelica antalGic antHelia antileaK antiMale antliaTe aVentail calaMine calaMint calaMite calantHe calCanei caliFate canailLe canaliSe canaliZe cantiCle canUlate caRinate caVatine cHainlet cHatline claiMant claRinet cleatinG clientaL cRaniate Dentalia eStancia etHnical Glaciate laceRant lacinIae lacUnate laMinate naUtical Palatine Pectinal Placenta Planetic Saliceta Santalic tailRace tanTalic tenacUla Valencia Valiance

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: aa aal ace aceta acetal acetin acne act acta actin actinal ae aecia aecial ai aia ail ain aine ait al ala alae alan alane alant alate ale alec alicant alien aline alit alt an ana anal ance ancile ancle ane anetic ani anil anile anlace ant anta antae ante anti antic antlia antliae at ate atelic cain can canal cane cant cantle cat cate catena catlin ceil cel celt cent cental ciel cine cit cital cite clan clat clean cleat client cline clint ea ean eat eclat el elain elan elint elt en enact enatic eniac enlit entail entia et eta etic etna ice ictal ilea ileac in incle inlace inlet it ita la lac lace lacet lactean laic lain lana lanai lanate lance lancet lane lant lat late laten lati lea lean leant leat lectin lei lent lenti lentic let li liana liane lice lie lien lin linac line lint lit lite na nae nail nala nat natal ne neal neat net nice nie nil nit nite ta tacan tace tae tael taenia tai tail tain tala talc tale talea tali tan tana tane te tea teal teil tel tela telia telic ten tenail tenia ti tic tical (and 9 more)

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