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July 13th, 2008: TIECLASP

Definition: TIECLASP*TIECLASPS n a clasp for securing a necktie

Anagrams: plicates septical

Hooks: tieclaspS

Ana-hooks: eMplastic paRticles placiDest pOeticals scapOlite sceptiCal sKeptical specialtY spicUlate

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: alLspice alOetics altRices aplAstic aRticles asepticS calCites calipeEs calipeRs calMiest caMpiest caMpsite capelEts capeliNs capitAls capitOls captiVes cHaplets cilIates citaDels clapNets claYiest cleMatis cliMates clipaRts cOaliest cOalpits cRapiest cRispate Dialects Displace ectOpias elasticS epiBlast epilatEs escapiSt espEcial etHicals etYpical Fleapits Gelastic Gestical Haplites Hepatics iMplates latTices Meticals Misplace palLiest palMiest palMiets palsieSt paNelist paNicles paNtiles paRetics paRticle pasticHe pastilLe pectiNal pelicaNs pelMatic petalisM picRates pilasteR pistacHe placAtes placKets plaiNest plaisteR plaiteRs plaNetic plasticS platiesT plicateD pOetical pOlecats pRactise pRelatic ptYalise Recitals Replicas salicetA salicetS scalieSt sceptRal selictaR septiMal silIcate slipcaSe sOcietal spacieSt specialS speciatE spectRal spicateD spicUlae spiRacle spOliate stapeliA steRical talciesT talipeDs tapPices tOeclips

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces act acts ae aesc ai ail ails ais aisle ait aits al ale alec alecs ales alist alit alp alps als alt alts ape apes apices aplite aplites apse apt apts as asci aseptic asp aspect aspic astelic at ate atelic ates calp calps cap cape capes capi caple caples caplet caplets caps case cast caste castle cat cate cates cats ceas ceil ceils cel cels celt celts cep ceps cesta cesti ciel ciels cis cist cit cital citals cite cites cits claes clap claps clapt clasp claspt clast clat clats cleat cleats clept clies clip clipe clipes clips clipt ea eas east eat eats eclat eclats el elastic els elt elts epact epacts epic epical epics es espial est et eta etas etic ice ices ictal ilea ileac is isle islet istle it ita itas its la lac lace laces lacet lacets laciest lacs laic laics lap lapis laps lapse las lase last lat late lati latices lats lea leap leaps leapt leas least leat leats lei leis lep leps lept lepta les lest let lets li lice lie lies lip lipase lips lis lisp list lit litas lite lites lits pa pac pace paces paciest pacs (and 272 more)

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