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July 1st, 2008: HELICES

Definition: HELIX*HELIXES*HELICES n something spiral in form

Anagrams: lichees

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: cheesilY chiseleD chiseleR schlieRe sWelchie Vehicles

'Typos': delices helixes

Blana-grams: Belches ceileRs cheMise chesilS chesSel cheVies cheWies chiCles chielDs chilDes chilIes chiNese chiselS cliChes Deciles Dehisce echOise ecliPse elcheEs eleNchi eleNchs elTchis ePhelis Filches Fleches hecKles hilcHes icelesS leAches lecheRs lechWes leechEs leisheR leTches liceNse licheNs liNches lYchees Pilches secTile seicheS seleNic seViche shelTie shieleD sileNce sleechY Techies Vehicle Vesicle Welches Zilches

Extensions: ANThelices ANTIhelices SUPERhelices

Sub-anagrams: cee cees ceil ceils cel cels ch che chesil chi chiel chiels chile chiles chis chisel ciel ciels cis clies ech eche eches ee eech eel eels eh ehs eisel el elchi elchis elhi els else es esile he heel heels heil heils hele heles hes hi hic hie hies his ice ices ich iches ichs is ish isle lech leches lee leech lees lei leis leish les li lice lich lichee liches lie lies lis sec see seel sei seiche seil sel sele sh she sheel shiel si sic sice sich sile slee sleech slice

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