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November 5th, 2007: GIRANDOLE

Definition: not available

Anagrams: negroidal reloading

Hooks: girandoleS

Ana-hooks: dragonliKe longHaired oVerlading

'Typos': girandola

Blana-grams: adoringlY alongSide aUreoling Bandolier Clangored Clarioned Coleading dearlingS deClaring dePloring derailIng dialogerS dogearinG draglineS dragoniSe dragoniZe engrailEd enlardiNg Floridean genoCidal geraniolS gerUndial glenoidaL goldMiner gondOlier grandioSe Heralding Hodiernal ignoraBle ladDering langridGe legionarY loadeniNg Moldering neUroglia organdieS organiSed organiZed Poldering realignEd reCoaling redEaling redialIng reFolding regionalS reloaniNg reMolding Seignoral Soldering Treadling Triangled Ungodlier

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ado adore adoring adorn ae aeon aero ag age aged agen ager agile agiler agin agio ago agon agone agrin ai aid aide aider ail ailed aileron ain aine air aired airn airned al alder aldern aldrin ale alerion algid algin algoid algor alien alienor align aligned aligner aline alined aliner alod aloe aloed aloin alone along an and ane aneroid angel anger angle angled angler ani anil anile anode anole ar ard are ared areding areg argil argle argled argol argon arid ariel aril ariled arle arled arling aroid da dae daeing dag dago daine dal dale dali dan dang danger dangle dangler danglier danio dare darg dargle dari daring dariole darling darn darnel de deair deal dealing dean dear dearing dearling dearn dei deign deil del deli den denial deraign derail derig dering dern di dial dialer dialog dialoger die diel dig digonal din dinar dine diner dinero ding dinge dinger dingle dingo dino diol dire dirge dirl do doe doen doer dog doge dogear dogie doing dol dole dolia dolina doline doling don dona done dong donga dongle dor dore drag dragline dragon drail drain dreg droil drole drone ea ean ear eard earding earing earl (and 532 more)

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