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November 4th, 2007: FLORIATED

Definition: not available

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: defoliatOr flUoridate

'Typos': floreated

Blana-grams: airlIfted deflatioN deflatorS defloratE defoliaNt defoliatE dePilator editorIal eStradiol filtraTed fireFloat florideaN florideSt florUited foedErati foliatUre foreStial forHailed fortaliCe fortilaGe idolaterS iNterfold loriCated reflatioN refloatEd rotifeRal Steroidal trefoilEd

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adit ado adore adrift adroit ae aero afield afire afore afrit afro aft after ai aid aide aider ail ailed air aired airt airted ait al alder ale alef aleft alert alif alit alod aloe aloed aloft alt alter alto ar ard are ared aret arf arid ariel aril ariled ariot arle arled aroid art artel at ate da dae daft dafter daftie dal dale dali dalt dare dari dariole dart dartle date dater dato de deaf deair deal dealt dear def defat defi deflator deft dei deil del delator delf delft deli delt delta derail derat detail di dial dialer die diel diet dilate dilater dilator diol diota dire dirl dirt dit dita dital dite do doat doater doe doer doilt doilter doit dol dole dolia dolt dor dore dort dot dotal dote doter dotier draft drail drat drift droil droit drole ea ear eard earl eat ed edit editor ef eft eidola eild el eld elf eliad elt eorl er era erf et eta fa fad fade fader fadier fado fail failed fair faired faitor falter far fard fardel fare fared farl farle faro fart farted fat fate fated feal fear feat fed fedora felid felt feod (and 415 more)

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