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November 2nd, 2007: DEALATION

Definition: not available

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: dealationS

Ana-hooks: dealBation ideatIonal

'Typos': deflation

Blana-grams: adenoiDal adUlation alienatEd alienatoR alLantoid alMandite anaBolite aneCdotal antidoTal antiNodal antiPodal Cadential deFoliant delationS diaConate Fantailed inSolated laMinated laUdation Montadale Planetoid Rationale tanaliSed tanaliZed toenailEd tRainload

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: aa aal ad adit adnate ado ae aeolian aeon ai aia aid aidant aide ail ailanto ailed ain aine ait al ala alae alan aland alane alant alate alated alation aldea ale alien aline alined alit alod alodia aloe aloed aloin alone alt alto an ana anal and ane ani anil anile anoa anodal anode anole ant anta antae ante anted anti antlia antliae at ate atonal atone atoned da dae daine daint dal dale dali dalt dalton dan danio dant data datal date dato de deal dealt dean dei deil del delation deli delt delta den denial dent dental dentalia dentil detail detain di dial die diel diet dilate din dine dino dint diol diota dit dita dital dite ditone do doat doe doen doilt doit dol dole dolent dolia dolina doline dolt don dona donate done dot dotal dote ea ean eat ed edit eidola eild el elain elan eland elation eld eldin eliad elint eloin elt en end enlit enodal enol entail entia entoil eoan eolian eon et eta etalon etna id idant ide idea ideal idle idol idola ilea in indol indole inlet into intoed io iodate ion iota it ita la lad lade laden ladino (and 199 more)

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