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January 22nd, 2007: ELECTRO

Definition: ELECTRO*ELECTROS*ELECTROED*ELECTROING v to make a metallic copy of a page of type for printing

Anagrams: elector

Hooks: electroN electroS

Ana-hooks: corelAte corSelet coVerlet electorS reclotHe recolLet relocAte Selector

'Typos': elector

Blana-grams: cHortle clotTer clotUre cloUter coereCt coeXert colterS corSlet corteGe cortIle coStrel coterIe coUlter coVelet coVeter coWtree creoleS crotTle eJector elocUte erectlY erectoR lecterN lectorS lectUre locAter loretTe ocreAte oVerlet Plectre Prelect recloSe recoYle reelEct reFlect retIcle Soleret telecoM tercelS tIercel treAcle trocHee troelIe

Extensions: electroDE electroED electroNS electroDES electroGEN electroING electroJET electroMER electroNIC electroCUTE electroFORM electroGENS electroGRAM electroJETS electroLESS electroLIER electroLOGY electroLYSE electroLYTE electroLYZE electroMERS electroNICA electroNICS electroTINT electroTYPE electroTYPY electroWEAK electroCUTED electroCUTES electroFORMS electroGENIC electroGRAMS electroGRAPH electroLIERS electroLYSED electroLYSES electroLYSIS electroLYTES electroLYTIC electroLYZED electroLYZES electroMERIC electroMETER electroMETRY electroMOTOR electroNICAS electroPHILE electroPHORI electroPLATE electroPOLAR electroSCOPE electroSHOCK electroSONDE electroTINTS electroTONIC electroTONUS electroTYPED electroTYPER electroTYPES electroTYPIC ANTIelectroNS INTERelectroN ISOelectroNIC NONelectroNIC electroCEMENT electroCHEMIC electroCUTING electroCUTION electroDERMAL electroFORMED electroGRAPHS electroGRAPHY electroLOGIES electroLOGIST electroLYSING electroLYZING electroMAGNET electroMERISM electroMETERS electroMETRIC electroMOTIVE electroMOTORS electroPHILES electroPHILIC electroPHORUS electroPLATED electroPLATER electroPLATES electroSCOPES electroSCOPIC electroSHOCKS electroSONDES electroSTATIC electroTHERMY electroTYPERS electroTYPIES electroTYPING electroTYPIST electroVALENT INTERelectroDE (and 77 more)

Sub-anagrams: cee cel celt ceorl cere cero cert cete clot clote col cole colt colter cor core cot cote cree creel creole ee eel el elect elt eorl er ere erect et lector lee leer leet lere let lo lor lore lot lote oe ole or orc ore orle ort re rec recto ree reel relet ret rete roc roe role rot rote rotl te tee teel teer tel tele terce tercel to toc toe tole tor torc tore tree

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