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June 21st, 2006: TANREC

Definition: TANREC*TANRECS n tenrec

Anagrams: canter carnet centra creant nectar recant trance

Hooks: tanrecS

Ana-hooks: canterS cantIer cantreD cantreF carnetS caterAn centarE centaUr centraL ceratIn certaIn cHanter creatIn crenatE crInate enactOr encratY nacrIte nectarS nectarY recantS reEnact Scanter tranceD tranceS trancHe tranecT Uncrate Untrace

'Typos': tenrec

Blana-grams: acAter acCent acetIn actUre acUter aLtern anetIc antHer antLer antreS arcAne arctAn arDent arGent arPent arRect aScent aStern atOner aUnter Banter caDent canCer canerS canIer canKer canNer cantAr canteD cantLe cantOr carAte careEn caretS carMen carneY carnIe carPet carteD carteL carteR carteS cartOn carVen caSern caSter catenA caterS catneP caUter caVern ceDarn centaL centEr centrE centrY ceratE cetanE cHaret cHenar cLaret cOater cOntra cOrnea cOrnet craneD craneS crantS crateD crateR crateS cratOn craVen creatE crenaS cretIn crIant crOnet cUrate Dancer Decant earcOn ecartE enactS enarcH enatIc enDart enracE enraPt entEra entraP erRant Garnet Harten Jacent Lancer Lancet Learnt Marten Mercat nacKet nacreD nacreS natTer natUre neatEr Octane Ornate Panter Parent Prance Preact racHet racKet ranceD ranceL ranceS ranteD ranteR ratIne ratTen reactS recanE recaSt recEnt recKan rectaL reDact rentaL retacK retaIn retIna Secant Stance Sterna tacKer tanKer tanNer tarceL taVern tenacE ternaL tHenar traceD traceR traceS tranSe traYne trencH trePan Uncart Uncate Wanter Zarnec

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acne acre act ae an ance ane ant ante antre ar arc are aret art at ate can cane caner cant car care caret carn cart carte cat cate cater cent cert cran crane crate crena ea ean ear earn eat en enact er era ern et eta etna na nacre nae narc nare nat ne near neat net race ran rance rant rat rate re react rean rec recta ren rent ret ta tace tae tan tane tar tare tarn te tea tear ten tern trace

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