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June 16th, 2006: CADASTER

Definition: CADASTER*CADASTERS n a public record of land ownership

Anagrams: cadastre

Hooks: cadasterS

Ana-hooks: cadastreS castraTed catHedras radIcates

'Typos': cadastre canaster

Blana-grams: aBreacts aceratEd acrIdest adaPters aIrdates arcUated asSarted astarTed Bearcats caBarets caBresta cadaVers caLderas caNtreds caPrates carCased cardCase cartaGes caseatEd castraTe cateraNs catHeads catHedra caUdates cedratEs cHarades datarIes detracTs eastWard estacadE Gradates Hardcase radIates radIcate radWaste readaPts redcOats scarPaed scratTed seacraFt starcHed teacarTs tracHeas tradUces

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: aa aas acater acaters acates ace aced acer acers aces aceta acre acred acres act acta acted acts ad ads ae aesc ar arc arcade arcades arced arcs ard ards are area aread areads areas areca arecas ared ares aret arets ars arse art arts as asar asea astare aster at ate ates cad cade cades cadet cadets cadre cadres cads caesar car carat carate carates carats card cards care cared cares caret carets cars carse cart carta cartas carte carted cartes carts casa case cased cast caste casted caster cat cate cater caters cates cats ceas cedar cedars cert certs cesta crate crated crates cred creds crest da dace daces dae daes dare dares dart darts das data date dater daters dates de dear dears derat derats drat drats drest ea ear eard eards ears earst eas east eat eats ecad ecads ed er era eras ers erst es escar est et eta etas raca race raced races rad rade rads ras rase rased rast rasta rat rata ratas rate rated rates rats re react reacts read reads reast reata reatas rec recast recs recta red redact redacts reds res resat rest ret rets sac sacra sacred sad sade (and 81 more)

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