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April 15th, 2005: NODOSE

Definition: NODOSE adj having nodes

Anagrams: noosed nosode odeons

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Condoes noodGes noodLes nosodeS seCondo snoodeD snooKed snooLed snooPed snooTed snooZed sPooned sTooden sWooned

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Anodes Boosed Codens Codons Condos Coosen deMons deVons doBson doDoes doneEs donNes donoRs donsIe dooLes doonAs dooRns doVens doYens doZens dRones endosS endoWs eXodos Godson Goosed Kendos Lodens Loosed Loosen Mondes Mondos Mooned nodoUs noIsed noodGe noodLe nooNed nooseR nooseS nosHed oLdens onsIde oodLes oZones Redons Rodeos Rondes Rondos Roneos Roosed seCond seRoon sHooed snoKed snoodS snooZe snoRed snoWed sodDen soLoed sondeR sondeS sooLed sooMed sooneR sooPed sooTed soRned sToned Tondos Undoes Wooden Wooned

Extensions: EPAnodoseS

Sub-anagrams: de den dens do doe doen does don done dons doo doos dos dose dso ed en end ends ens eon eons es ne ned neds no nod node nodes nods noes noo noose nos nose nosed od ode odeon odes ods odso oe oes on one ones ons oo oon oons oos oose os ose sed sen send sned snod snood so sod son sonde sone soon

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