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April 10th, 2005: GUNSEL

Definition: GUNSEL*GUNSELS n a gunman

Anagrams: lunges

Hooks: gunselS

Ana-hooks: Angelus Blunges Bungles engluTs engulFs gluTens gulDens gunlesS gunNels Jungles lAgunes lAngues lOunges lungeEs lungeRs lungIes Plunges Pungles slueIng snugGle unglUes

'Typos': gunnel

Blana-grams: Angels Angles Besung Blunge Bugles Bulges Bungle engluT engulF ensOul Fugles genIus gleAns glenTs glueRs gluMes gluOns gluTen gRuels guIles gulDen gunGes gusleS guYles Ingles Jungle Kluges Kugels lAgune lAngue lIgnes lOnges lOunge lugeRs luMens luneTs lungeD lungeE lungeR lungIe lungIs lunIes nOules nOusle nuDges nuRsle Plunge Pungle sAulge sCunge sIngle sluDge sluIng snuDge snuglY sPunge sulLen uglIes unCles ungeTs unglUe ungUes unlesS unPegs unseAl unseEl unselF unselL

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: el els en eng engs ens es gel gels gen gens genu genus glen glens glue glues gnu gnus gu gue gues gul gule gules guls gun guns gus gusle leg legs leng lengs lens les leu lues lug luge luges lugs lune lunes lung lunge lungs ne negus nu nus seg sel sen slue slug slung snug sue sun sung ug ugs ule ules un uns us use

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