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April 5th, 2005: PISOLITE

Definition: PISOLITE*PISOLITES n a limestone

Anagrams: polities

Hooks: pisoliteS

Ana-hooks: epiloGist epistoliC sepiolitE spiloSite

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Colpitis etioliNs eXploits Helistop Hoplites iMpolite isopletH liMepits lipPiest loOpiest lopPiest Milepost optiMise petiolEs pilositY piNitols pistoleD pistoleS pistoleT pitilesS ploiDies plotTies poiNtels poitRels poleMist poliCies politesT politiCs poNtiles positiVe potliNes psilotiC ptiloseS ptilosiS pYelitis Roiliest siNopite slopieSt soilieSt spiliteS spoliAte toeClips topliNes tRiplies tRipolis

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: el elops els elt elts epos es est estop et io iolite iolites ios is isle islet iso istle it its lei leis lep leps lept les lest let lets li lie lies lip lips lis lisp list lit lite lites lits lo loipe lop lope lopes lops los lose lost lot lote lotes loti lots oe oes oi oil oiliest oils ole oles olpe olpes op ope opes ops opt opts os ose pe pelt pelts pes peso pest pesto pet pets pi pie pies piet piets pile pilei piles pili pilis pilose pilot pilotis pilots piolet piolets pis pise piso piste pistil pistol pistole pit pities pits plie plies plot plots po poet poets poi pois poise pol pole poleis poles polis polite pols polt polts pos pose posit post postie postil pot pote potes pots potsie psi pst sei seil sel sept set si sile silo silt sip sipe sit site slept slip slipe slipt slit sloe slop slope slot so soil sol sole solei soli sop sopite sot speil spelt spet spie spiel spile spilite spilt spit spite split spoil spoilt spot st steil step stie stile stipe stipel stoep stole stop stope te teil teils (and 34 more)

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