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April 15th, 2004: DARIOLE

Definition: DARIOLE*DARIOLES n a type of pastry filled with cream, custard, or jelly

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: darioleS

Ana-hooks: arilLode dialoGer eXordial Forelaid idolaTer oVerlaid Solidare Soredial Tailored

'Typos': cariole variole

Blana-grams: aileroN airHole alerioN alieNor aNeroid aVodire aVoider Baldier Bedrail Brailed Broiled Calorie Caroled Coalier Cordial dalLier deaSoil deCrial delaTor delirIa derailS dialerS dialLer diaZole dieDral dilaTer dilaTor diPolar doCiler doilTer dolLier doUleia draileD droileD earldoM eXordia Geoidal Gladier Glaired Gloried Godlier Goldier Goliard irIdeal iSolead Kilorad laBored laBroid ladroNe lardieR leadiEr leoPard leoTard lePorid loaderS loaMier loriCae Melodia Moldier oarliKe odalLer oediPal oleariA oraCled ordealS ordiNal Paroled Pedrail Peloria Predial radiAle radiCel radiCle radioeD railBed ralLied readilY redialS redTail reloadS reoilEd ridaBle riValed roadieS rodliKe roUlade Sideral Soldier Solider Soredia Trailed Uredial Valider

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ado adore ae aero ai aid aide aider ail ailed air aired al alder ale alod aloe aloed ar ard are ared arid ariel aril ariled arle arled aroid da dae dal dale dali dare dari de deair deal dear dei deil del deli derail di dial dialer die diel diol dire dirl do doe doer dol dole dolia dor dore drail droil drole ea ear eard earl ed eidola eild el eld eliad eorl er era id ide idea ideal idle idler idol idola ilea io irade ire ired la lad lade lader laer laid lair laird laired lar lard lare lari laroid lea lead lear led lei leir li liar liard lid lidar lido lie lied lier lira lire lo load loader lod lode loid loir lor lord lore oar oared od oda odal ode odea oe oi oil oiled oiler old older oldie ole olea olid or ora orad oral ord ordeal ore oread oriel orle rad rade radio rai raid rail raile railed rale re read real realo red redia redial redo rei relaid reload reoil ria rial rid ride riel rile riled road roadie rod rode roe roed roil roiled role

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