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November 28th, 2003: INTAGLIO

Definition: 1. INTAGLIO*INTAGLI*INTAGLIOES*INTAGLIOS n an incised or sunken design 2. INTAGLIO*INTAGLIOED*INTAGLIOING*INTAGLIOS v to engrave in intaglio

Anagrams: ligation

Hooks: intaglioS

Ana-hooks: Foliating iSolating ligationS tailoRing Violating

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: antilogS antilogY Bloating Dilating Dilation Floating gElation gloatinG gloXinia goniDial ilLation ioDating lEgation liBation ligatinG litHoing litiganT loatHing loCating logiCian oBligati oPiating oRiginal Pignolia Piloting Plaiting Rigatoni Ringtail Solating tailingS toTaling tRailing tRialing tRigonal Vigilant

Extensions: intaglioED intaglioES intaglioING

Sub-anagrams: ag agin agio ago agon ai ail ailing ain aioli ait al algin align alit aloin along alt alto an anglo ani anil ant anti antilog at atigi gain gait gal galiot gan gaol gat gi giant gilt gin git gitano glia glint gloat gnat go goa goal goat gonia got ilia in ingot inia intagli inti into ion iota it la lag lain lang lat lati latigo latino li liang ligan lin ling linga lingo lino lint lion lit litai lo loan log logan logia login loin long lot lota loti na nag nail naoi nil nilgai nit no nog noil not nota notal oat oi oil oiling on ta tag tail tailing tain tali talion talon tan tang tango tao ti tian tiglon tigon til tiling tin ting to tog toga toil toiling tola tolan toling ton tonal tong tonga

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