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September 16th, 2003: REDTOP

Definition: REDTOP*REDTOPS n a type of grass

Anagrams: deport ported

Hooks: redtopS

Ana-hooks: Adopter deportS dIopter dIoptre dropLet perIdot porteNd pretoLd proteId proteNd reAdopt Sported torpedO troMped troOped troUped

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Copter deBtor deHort depArt depotS deSpot detoUr deXtro doperS dopeSt dopIer dorpeR doterS dotIer dotTer edItor eXport Groped orAted pArted pedroS perIod perNod petArd petroL podIte poetrY poLder poNder porKed porteR poSted poSter potHer potTed potTer potZer poUred poUted poUter poWder poWter prAted preSto pretoR proBed proJet proSed proteA proteI proVed redIpt redoUt repLot repoRt repotS reSpot retoLd retRod rIoted rodeNt roMped roOted rotTed roUped roUpet roUted Sorted Spored Stoped Stoper Stored Strode terEdo tHorpe toperS topPed topPer torpId toUred trepId trIode trIpod troKed troMpe tropeS troUpe troWed Uptore

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dep depot do doe doer dope doper dor dore dorp dot dote doter drop dropt ed er et od ode oe op ope oped opt opted or ore ort pe ped pedro per pert pet po pod poet pore pored port pot pro prod re red redo rep repo repot ret rod rode roe rope roped rot rote te ted to tod toe toed top tope toped toper tor tore trod trode trop trope

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