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May 28th, 2003: THROE

Definition: THROE*THROES n a violent spasm of pain

Anagrams: other

Hooks: throeS

Ana-hooks: Bother Dehort eXhort heCtor herEto herIot hetEro hoOter horNet horSte hotTer Mother Nother otherS Pother reShot rhetoR roChet rotChe theorY thorPe throNe throVe toCher toTher troChe Zeroth

'Typos': three throb throw

Blana-grams: Berth Broth Chert Chore Doeth Doter eArth ePhor erGot ethEr ethoS Fetor Forte Forth Froth Goeth hAter heArt heLot heroN heroS hertZ hoerS hoMer hoNer hoPer horDe horSe horSt hoSer hoteL hoVer Ither Metro North Noter oAter oCher oChre oFter orAte orthO otTer oUter oUtre oVert oXter rAthe reCto rePot retCh retRo roSet rotCh roteS rotTe roUte roUth roWth Shero Shoer Shore Short Shote Store teNor theIr therE therM thoLe thorN thorO thorP thoSe threW toKer toNer toPer toPhe torAh torCh toreS torSe torTe toTer toWer toYer troDe troKe troNe troPe troTh troVe Voter Whore Whort Worth Wrote Wroth

Extensions: throeD# throeING#

Sub-anagrams: eh er et eth he her hero het ho hoe hoer hot oe oh or ore ort re ret rho roe rot rote te the tho thro to toe tor tore

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