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February 5th, 2003: TACH

Definition: TACH*TACHS n a device for indicating speed of rotation

Anagrams: chat

Hooks: tachE tachS

Ana-hooks: aItch Batch catCh chaNt chaPt chaRt chatS chEat Gatch hatcH Latch Match Natch Patch Ratch tEach thacK thEca Watch Yacht

'Typos': bach each gach mach tace tack taco tact tech

Blana-grams: achE achY actA actS aRch Baht Bath caNt caPh caRt caSh caSt catE catS caZh chaD chaI chaM chaO chaP chaR chaW chaY chIa chIt cOat Eath Echt Etch Fact Ghat hacK haEt haFt haLt haNt haRt haSt hatE hatH hatS haUt hEat Itch Khat Lath Math Oath Pact Path Phat Rath Scat Shat tahR taLc thaE thaN thaT thaW What

Extensions: ATtach DEtach tachES tachO# ATtachE ISOtach tachISM tachIST tachOS# tachYON ATtachED ATtachER ATtachES DEtachED DEtachER DEtachES ISOtachS MUStachE PIStachE REATtach SOUtachE StachYS# tachINA# tachINID tachISME tachISMS tachISTE tachISTS tachYONS ATtachERS ATtachING DEtachERS DEtachING HEARtachE MAtachIN# MOUStachE MUStachED MUStachES MUStachIO OCtachORD PIStachES PIStachIO SOUtachES tachINIDS tachISMES tachISTES tachYLITE tachYLYTE tachYONIC ATtachABLE ATtachMENT DEtachABLE DEtachABLY DEtachEDLY DEtachMENT HEARtachES HEPtachLOR MAtachINA# MAtachINI# MAtachINS# MOUStachED MOUStachES MOUStachIO MUStachIOS OCtachORDS OUtachIEVE PIStachIOS REATtachED REATtachES ROtachUTE# StachYSES# UNATtachED tachOGRAM# tachOGRAPH tachOMETER tachYLITES tachYLYTES tachYPNEA# ATtachMENTS CAtachRESES CAtachRESIS DEtachMENTS HEPtachLORS HEPtachORD# MAtachINAS# MOUStachIOS MUStachIOED NONATtachED OUtachIEVED OUtachIEVES PENtachORD# REATtachING ROtachUTES# SABREtachE# tachOGRAMS# tachOGRAPHS tachOMETERS tachOMETRY# tachYCARDIA tachYGRAPH# (and 39 more)

Sub-anagrams: act ah at cat ha hat ta

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