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December 14th, 2019: WHIST


Anagrams: swith whits

Hooks: whistS

Ana-hooks: switCh swithE whiLst whisHt whitEs whOsit wiDths wiGhts withEs

'Typos': shist waist whipt whish whisk whits wrist

Blana-grams: Chits hEist hiLts hiNts histS hOist Kiths Piths sAith shiFt shiRt shitE shitS shtiK siGht siXth sMith stiCh swAth swiFt swiSh thAws thEws thiNs twiGs twiNs twisT twiTs wAits whAts whEts whiDs whiGs whiMs whiNs whiPs whiRs whitE whitY wiDth wiGht wiLts wishA wistS witCh witEs withE withY wRits

Extensions: whistED whistLE whistING whistLED whistLER whistLES whistLERS whistLING whistLINGS whistLEABLE PENNYwhistLE whistLINGLY# PENNYwhistLES UNwhistLEABLE# whistLEBLOWING#

Sub-anagrams: hi his hist hit hits is it its sh shit si sit sith this ti tis whit wis wish wist wit with wits

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