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Albany New Year's Main Event
NWL Results
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Prize Table

1Division A Rank: 1st$750 (A3)Joey Mallick 17-6 +633
2Division A Rank: 2nd$500 (A2)Michael Fagen 16-7 +1339
3Division A Rank: 3rd$350 (A5)Max Panitch 16-7 +1162
4Division A Rank: 4th$300 (A17)James Donnelly 14-9 +362
5Division A Rank: 5th$250 (A8)John Luebkemann 14-9 +189
6Division A Class B Rank: 1stSPC (A15)Jonathan Lindh 14-9 +117
7Division A Class C Rank: 1st$200 (A23)Chris Kulig 13-10 -230
8Division A High Win Rounds 1-3$20Round 3. (A23)Chris Kulig 522-281 vs. (A18)Annette Obrestad
10Division A Ratings Upset Win Rounds 12-19$20 (A23)Chris Kulig 2108-1586=522, 376-367 vs. (A1)Joshua Sokol
11Division A High Loss Rounds 20-22$20Round 21. (A19)Joel Horn 440-456 vs. (A23)Chris Kulig
12Division B Rank: 1st$600 (B5)Chauncey Patton 16-7 +751
13Division B Rank: 2nd$400 (B3)Steve Ozorio 15-8 +886
14Division B Rank: 3rd$300 (B1)Cynthia Seales 14.5-8.5 +646
15Division B Rank: 4th$250 (B2)Natalie Dicou 14-9 +852
16Division B Class B Rank: 1st$200 (B19)Gideon Brosowsky 14-9 +626
17Division B High Win Rounds 1-3$20Round 3. (B5)Chauncey Patton 596-276 vs. (B14)Susan Blanchard
19Division B Ratings Upset Win Rounds 12-19$20 (B20)Dathan Lang 1462-1031=431, 402-396 vs. (B6)Rishabh Murali
20Division B High Loss Rounds 20-22$20Round 22. (B8)Nancy Bowen 437-464 vs. (B10)Judy Horn
21Division C Rank: 1st$500 (C3)Shauna Petrie 20-3 +1681
22Division C Rank: 2nd$400 (C22)Greg Weiss 17-6 +1340
23Division C Rank: 3rd$350 (C2)Sharmaine Farini 15-8 +1013
24Division C Rank: 4th$300 (C8)Megan McMahon 14-9 +772
25Division C Rank: 5th$225 (C13)Betsey Wood 14-9 +357
26Division C Class B Rank: 1st$200 (C24)Kaveri Raviraj 14-9 -76
27Division C Class C Rank: 2nd$200 (C23)Joyslin Hodge-Watson 13-10 +225
28Division C High Win Rounds 1-3$20Round 1. (C2)Sharmaine Farini 498-347 vs. (C24)Kaveri Raviraj
30Division C Ratings Upset Win Rounds 12-19$20 (C26)Ida Ann Shapiro 972-704=268, 427-321 vs. (C14)Portia Zwicker
31Division C High Loss Rounds 20-22$20Round 22. (C1)Harry Chan 423-433 vs. (C10)Tina Yates

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