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October 5th, 2010: APHESIS

Definition: APHESIS*APHESES n the loss of an unstressed vowel from the beginning of a word

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: eMphasis Misshape paRishes shaRpies

'Typos': apheses

Blana-grams: aphiDes apsiDes asepsiS ashiesT aspiRes aspiseS Chaises Diphase espiaLs Geishas hapLess haRpies hessiaN hipLess hipNess iMpasse iNphase Lapises Lipases Mashies Messiah Mishaps paLsies paNsies paResis paRises passiVe pasTies paTsies paVises paVisse peaKish peTsais phaseRs phisHes phRases pisheRs pLashes pRaises Raspish Reships sapieNs seRaphs shapeRs shaRpie shaVies sheiLas sheNais sheRpas sOphies spaheEs spaThes spaVies spiReas Tapises Waspish

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ah ahi ahis ahs ai ais ape apes aphis apish apse apses apsis as ash ashes asp aspis aspish asps ass eh epha ephas es ess ha hae haes hap haps has hasp hasps he heap heaps hep heps hes hi hie hies hip hips his hiss is pa pah paise pas pase pases pash pashes pass passe pe pea peas peh pehs pes phase phases phasis phi phis pi pia pias pie pies pis pish pishes piss psi psis sae sap saps sash sea seas sei seis sepia sepias seps sesh sh sha shape shapes she shea sheas shes shies ship ships si sip sipe sipes sips sis spa spae spaes spahi spahis spas spies

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