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September 20th, 2015: CEDULA

Definition: CEDULA*CEDULAS n a Philippine tax

Anagrams: caudle

Hooks: cedulaS

Ana-hooks: calQued caudleD caudleS cauldeR caulKed clauTed lauNced Maculed uNlaced

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aBduce aculeI adDuce alcAde alLude alMuce alMude aludeL audIle auldeR Belaud caBled cadeAu calCed calKed calLed calMed calQue calVed caNdle caudAl caudeX cauldS cauleS cauMed cauSed cauTel cladeS claQue clauSe claWed claYed cOaled cOlead cRadle cRedal cudDle cudGel culLed culMed culPae cuNeal cuRdle cuRled decalS declaW ducTal dulceT Fecula Feudal Hauled lacKed lacuNe laNced laudeD laudeR lauNce lucKed Macled Macule Mauled Placed Raucle Reclad Salued Sauced Scaled Talced uNclad uNcled uNlace uNlade uNlead uPlead Valued Wauled

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced ad ae al ale alec auld cad cade caul cauld cel clad clade clue clued cud cue cued da dace dae dal dale de deal decal del dual ducal duce due duel dule ea eau ecad ecu ed el eld la lac lace laced lad lade laud lea lead led leu leud luce lud lude udal ule

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