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October 18th, 2006: DREIDL

Definition: DREIDL*DREIDLS n dreidel

Anagrams: dirled riddle

Hooks: dreidlS

Ana-hooks: Bridled didDler diedrAl drAiled dreidEl drilLed drOiled Fiddler Girdled Glidder Griddle Middler Piddler riddleD riddleR riddleS Slidder Tiddler

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Ariled Bedrid Bidder Birded Birled Brided Bridle Clerid dAidle deidEr derAil deridE diAled diAler didDer didDle diedrE dildOe dilLed diNdle direlY dirKed dirNdl dirTed dOiled driVel elidEd Fiddle Gilded Gilder Girded Girdle Glided Glider Grided Hidder idlerS Kidder Kiddle lAdder lAddie lAided lAired lArded leirEd liddeD lidGer liedEr lirKed lOided lOrded Middle Milder Nirled Piddle Prided rAddle rAided rAiled reddlE rediAl reGild relAid relidE reliEd riddeD riddeN riddeR ridGed ridGel ridleY riFled rilLed riNded rOiled rUddle Sidled Sidler Slided Slider Tiddle Tirled Widder Widdle Wilded Wilder Yirded

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dei deid deil del deli di did die died diel dire dirl dried ed eild el eld er id ide idle idled idler ire ired led lei leir li lid lie lied lier lire re red redd redid rei rid ride riel rile riled

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