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April 18th, 2006: LEWIS

Definition: LEWIS*LEWISES n a hoisting device

Anagrams: lweis weils wiels wiles

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Dwiles swiPle swiVel wAlies wAlise wHiles wielDs wiselY

'Typos': lenis levis lexis lweis

Blana-grams: Aisle Alews Biles Ceils Ciels Clews Clies Deils Delis Dwile eilDs eisEl elsiN esilE eVils Files Flews Flies Gleis Heils iDles ileUs isleD isleS isleT isTle leiRs leisH lieFs lieNs lieRs lieUs liKes liMes liNes lisLe liTes liVes lOwes lOwse Mewls Miles Nelis Piles Plews Plies Riels Riles seilS sewEl sewiN sHiel siDle sielD sileD sileN sileR sileS sileX siNew siZel slewS sliCe sliDe slieR sliMe sliPe sliVe sMile sOlei sOwle sPeil sPiel sPile sTeil sTile swAil swAle sweAl sweEl sweiR swelL swelT swieS swilL swiNe swiPe swiRe swiRl swiVe Teils Tiles Veils Views Vleis Vlies wAils wAles wAlis weAls weEls weiDs weiRs weisE welDs welKs welLs welsH welTs wHile wiDes wielD wiFes wilDs wileD wilIs wilLs wilTs wiNes wiPes wiRes wiseD wiseR wiseS wiTes wiVes wiZes wRies wYles

Extensions: lewisES lewisIA PAlewisE lewisIAS lewisITE lewisSON ANGlewisE TABlewisE lewisITES lewisSONS SHUTTlewisE

Sub-anagrams: el els es is isle lei leis les lew li lie lies lis lwei sei seil sel sew si sile slew we weil wiel wile wis wise

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