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September 16th, 2004: DUNITE

Definition: DUNITE*DUNITES n an igneous rock

Anagrams: united untied

Hooks: duniteS

Ana-hooks: Audient detinuE diLuent diStune dunNite intRude Minuted Munited Mutined tuRdine unCited untiLed untiRed untRide untRied

'Typos': gunite munite

Blana-grams: Auntie Beduin Bident Bunted dAutie dentiL dentiN detAin detEnu detunE deutOn diLute dinteD diPnet ditOne duetTi dunteD dutieD dutieS eidEnt enditE Fundie Hinted Hunted indeNt indIte induCe induCt indueD indueS induLt inteNd intOed intuSe inuRed Luiten Lunted Lutein Minted Minuet Minute Mutine nidGet nudeSt nudieS nudiSt nuditY nutTed Ointed Pudent Pundit Punted Queint Quinte Quited Reduit Retund Rident Ruined Runted Suited tediuM teindS tenuiS tenuTi tindeD tindeR tineId tinGed tinKed tinNed tinTed tRined tRiune tundeD tunieR tunNed tuRned tWined undAte undieS undiNe uniPed uniteR uniteS untidY untieS untiLe uPtied uRined Vinted

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dei den dent di die diet din dine dint dit dite due duet dui duit dun dune dunt ed edit en end et etui id ide in indue it ne ned net nid nide nie nied nit nite nu nude nudie nut te ted teind ten tend ti tid tide tie tied tin tind tine tined tui tun tund tune tuned un unde uni unit unite untie ut ute

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