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September 9th, 2004: PROCAINE

Definition: PROCAINE*PROCAINES n a compound used as a local anesthetic

Anagrams: apocrine caponier

Hooks: procaineS

Ana-hooks: caponierE caponierS parAnoeic parocHine porceLain recapTion

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acroLein acTioner anoreTic anoreXic aTropine canepHor canopieD canopieS caperinG capoeirA caponiSe caponiZe caprioLe ceCropia cHaperon coCinera coLinear conSpire coparenT coperinG copreMia coprinCe coraMine cornpiPe creaTion creoLian enDocarp enTropic incepTor incorpSe Lonicera operaTic paeonicS parAnoic parocHin parSonic pearcinG pecorinI pecorinO peLorian percoLin picaroOn pinaFore poacHier porTance preacinG procHain procHein proVince reacTion repLicon Scenario Veronica

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acne acorn acre ae aeon aeonic aero ai ain aine air airn an ance ane ani ape aper apneic apnoeic apron ar arc arco are areic arpen cain cairn can cane caner canier canoe cap cape caper capi capo capon caprine car care carn carnie carp carpi cep ceria cero ciao cine cion cire coin coiner coir con cone coni conia cop cope copen coper copier copra cor core coria corn cornea corni cran crane crap crape crena crepon crine cripe crone crop ea ean ear earcon earn en eniac eoan eon epic er era eric erica ern ice icer icon in inro io ion ire iron irone na nacre nae naoi nap nape narc narco nare naric ne neap near nep nice nicer nie nip nipa no noir nope nor nori noria oar oca ocean ocrea oe oi on once oncer one oner op ope open opera opine or ora orc orca orcein orcin orcine ore orpin orpine pa pac pace pacer pacier paco paeon paeonic pain pair paire pan pance pane panic panier par pare pareo pe pea pean pear pec pecan pein pen peni peon per perai peri pericon pern pi pia pian piano pic (and 71 more)

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