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October 23rd, 2020: LOCATIVE

Definition: LOCATIVE*LOCATIVES n a type of grammatical case

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: locativeS

Ana-hooks: coevalitY colLative olFactive vectoRial

'Typos': vocative

Blana-grams: activelY aloeticS aRvicole Bloviate coaCtive coalieSt coNative covaleNt Dovetail eRotical iNvocate locaLite loRicate oUtcavil Poetical Societal teocalLi velocitY veRtical violateD violateR violateS vocaliSe vocaliSt vocalitY vocaliZe volatiLe volitaTe voRtical

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace act active ae ai ail ait al alcove ale alec alit alive aloe aloetic alt alto at ate atelic atoc ave avo avocet calo calve cat cate cave cavel cavie cavil ceil cel celt ciao ciel cit cital cite cito citola citole cive civet clat clave clavi clavie cleat clot clote clove coal coat coate coati coeval coil coit coital col cola cole colt cot cote cove covet ea eat eclat el elt et eta etic evict evil ice ictal ilea ileac io iota it ita la lac lace lacet laevo laic lat late lati lav lave lea leat lei let lev leva levo li lice lie lit lite live lo loave loca locate loci lot lota lote loti lotic lovat love oat oca octa octal octave oe oi oil ole olea oleic olive olivet otic ova oval ovate ta tace taco tae tael tai tail talc tale tali tao tav te tea teal teil tel tela telia telic teloi ti tic tical tice tie til tile to toc toe toea toil toile tola tole vac vae vail vale valet vali vat vatic veal veil vela vet veto via viae vial vice vie vile viol viola violate violet vita (and 21 more)

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