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April 20th, 2015: STERANE

Definition: STERANE*STERANES n a chemical compound

Anagrams: earnest eastern nearest

Hooks: steraneS

Ana-hooks: aBsenter arenItes arsenAte arsenIte asSenter Centares earnestS earstOne entreaTs estranGe eternaLs Fastener Fenestra Grantees Greatens Hastener Heartens neGaters ratTeens raVenest reaGents reasCent reenaCts reFasten resInate resOnate sarCenet sarSenet saUterne serenatA serenatE serGeant serJeant stearIne teLerans terRanes traInees Veterans

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aerAtes aerIest aetHers aFreets anestrI antHers antLers antsIer arenIte arenOse arGents arPents atOners aUstere Banters Beaters Berates Canters Careens Carnets Caserne Centare Centers Centres Cerates Cetanes Creates Crenate Darnest Dearest Derates earneRs eartHen easterS eCartes eLaters enDears enraGes ensNare entaseS enteraL entIres entraPs entreaT entreEs entrIes ePaters erGates erRants estreaT estrOne eternaL etesIan etHanes eXterns Feaster Garnets Gerents Grantee Greaten Hearten Heaters Lateens Leaners Leanest Martens Meaners Meanest nastIer natTers natUres neateNs neatesT neCtars neGater neGates nePetas nerVate nesterS nestLer netTers neUters Paneers Parents Pastern Penates Penster Present ranKest ranteRs ratInes ratTeen ratTens reaGent reaLest reBates reCanes reCants reDates reeaRns reenaCt reGents reHeats reLates reLents reMates renaMes renestS renNase renNets rentaLs renteRs rePeats rePents reRents reseatS resentS resLate restaGe restaTe retaIns retaKen retaKes retaPes retasTe retaXes reteaMs reteaRs retenEs retInae retInas retInes retsIna retUnes rOseate saLtern santerA santerO sarMent sarSnet sateenS saUnter sCanter seareSt seaterS seDater seJeant senateS senatOr senSate serIate serPent serRate serVant sMarten sneaKer staIner stanDee stanDer steaLer steaMer stearIn sternaL sterneD sterneR stranGe stYrene sWeater tanKers tanNers tanreCs taVerns teareRs teaserS teenErs teLeran tenaCes tenDers tenNers tenreCs tenTers tenUres ternaTe terRane tesSera tHenars traInee tranCes treasOn trePans trIenes tUreens Venters Versant Veteran Wanters Weaners Western Yestern

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae an ane anes ant ante antes antre antres ants ar are arene arenes ares arete aretes ars arse art arts as aster astern at ate ates ear earn earns ears ease easer east easter eat eaten eater eaters eats en enate enates ens enter entera enters er era eras erase ere ern erne ernes erns ers erst es esne est ester et eta etas etna etnas na nae naes nares nates ne near nears neat neater neats nee nerts nest nester net nets ran ranee ranees rant rants ras rase rat rate rates rats re ree rees reest renest rent rente rentes rents res resat reseat resent reset rest ret rete rets sae san sane saner saree sat sate sateen sea sear seat seater see seen seer sen senate sene sent sente ser sera sere set seta setae snare sneer stane star stare steer stere stern sterna ta tae tan tans tar tare tares tarn tarns tars tas tase taser te tea tear tears teas tease teaser tee teen teens tees ten tens tense tenser teres tern terne ternes terns terse tes trans tree treen treens trees tres tsar

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