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April 26th, 2011: OUTSTATE

Definition: OUTSTATE*OUTSTATED*OUTSTATING*OUTSTATES v to surpass in stating

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: outstateD outstateS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': outskate outstare

Blana-grams: astuteSt attestoR attuItes Coattest Guttates outCaste outDates outFeast outGates outRates outstaRt outtaKes outWaste staKeout statuteS stouteSt taKeouts testatoR testatuM tetotuMs toLuates toutIest

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae as astute at ate ates att attest auto autos ea eas east eat eats eau eaus es est et eta etas etat etats oast oat oats oe oes os ose ou oust out outate outeat outeats outs outsat outset sae sat sate sau saut saute sea seat set seta setout sett so sot sou sout st stat state statue statute stet stoa stoae stoat stot stout sue suet sutta ta tae taes tao taos tas taste tat tate tates tatou tatous tats tatt tatts tatu tatus tau taus taut tautest tauts te tea teas teat teats tes test testa tet tets to toast toe toea toeas toes tosa tose tost tot tote totes tots touse tout touts tut tuts us use ut uta utas ute utes uts

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