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April 24th, 2011: UTRICLE

Definition: UTRICLE*UTRICLES n a saclike cavity in the inner ear

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: utricleS

Ana-hooks: curlieSt liNcture reticulA reticulE telLuric

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Article Auricle Brucite cirClet clitTer clOture clOuter cluSter clutTer cOrtile cOulter crueltY cuiterS cuitTle culPrit culterS cultUre culVert cuPrite curietS curiteS curlieR curtAil cuStrel cutiCle cutlerS cutlerY cutliNe cutTier Diluter Ductile Dulcite eucritE Flueric Flutier Futiler icteruS lecturE lecturN leucitE licHter liNecut luciDer luciFer lucKier lueticS luStier lutHier Outlier Picture Quilter reBuilt recitAl recRuit recuilE relictS reluctS reticlE riVulet rulieSt rutileS tAlcier ticKler tiercEl tricKle truciAl trucKie trucKle tuNicle urAlite urceOli

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ceil cel celt cert ciel cire cirl cit cite citer clue crit cru crue cruel cruet cue cuit cuiter culet cult culter culti cur cure curet curie curiet curite curl curt cut cute cuter cutie cutler ecru ecu el elt er eric eruct et etic etui ice icer ire it iure lei leir let leu li lice lie lier lieu lire lit lite liter litre litu luce lucre luetic luit lur lure lute luter re rec recit recti recut rei relic relict relit reluct ret rice riel rile rit rite ruc rue rule rut rutile te teil tel telic ti tic tice tie tier til tile tiler tire tirl trice trie truce true tui tule ulcer ule ur ure ureic uretic uric urite ut ute uteri utile

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