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February 16th, 2010: SENDUP

Definition: SENDUP*SENDUPS n a parody

Anagrams: unsped upends upsend

Hooks: sendupS

Ana-hooks: pudDens spunKed spuRned suSpend unIpeds unpOsed unspIde unspIed upsendS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Cusped dRupes dunCes dupeRs dusKen enduEs ensuEd eupAds Indues nudesT nudGes nudIes nuRsed pAused pensuM peRdus pIends pLused pOunds pRudes pRuned pRunes pseudO pseudS pudDen pudenT pudGes pudseY puIsne puLsed punCed punCes punNed punTed puRsed pusHed pusLed seCund snIped snudGe sOuped spAned spendS spIned spuMed spunGe spuRne sTuped sudDen sunBed sundAe sundeR sundeW sunNed supIne supPed unBeds undIes undOes unIped unpeGs unpeNs unsHed unsTep unUsed upsenT upsIde

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de den dens deus due dues dun dune dunes duns dup dupe dupes dups ed en end ends ens es ne ned neds nep neps nu nude nudes nus pe ped peds pen pend pends pens pes pseud pud puds pun puns pus sed sen send sned sped spend spud spue spued spun sud sue sued sun sup supe uds un unde uns up upend ups us use used

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