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May 29th, 2005: ELATER

Definition: ELATER*ELATERS n a click beetle

Anagrams: relate

Hooks: Relater elaterS

Ana-hooks: alerteD alerteR altereD altereR atelIer Bleater eNteral eterNal eXalter Haltere leatHer Petrale Pleater Prelate realeSt realteR reFlate relateD relateR relateS rePlate reSlate retaBle Stealer teleraN treaCle treaDle

'Typos': elated elates plater slater

Blana-grams: aerAte aetHer aFreet alertS alterS aNtler areOle areteS arMlet artelS Beater Belter Berate Cartel Cerate Cereal Claret Create Dartle Dealer Delate Derate eaGlet eaSter eaterS eaterY eCarte elUate elYtra eNtera erGate eStral Falter Feater Galere Gelate Halter Healer Heater Hereat Kelter laBret lareeS laSter lateeN latHer latTer laVeer leaDer leaKer leaNer leaPer learNt leaSer leaVer leFter leGate letTer lYrate Melter Neater Oleate Palter Pelter Petrel ratelS ratTle realeR realeS realtY reBate reCtal reDate reFelt reFlet reGale reGlet reHeat relaCe releNt reletS reMate reMelt reNtal rePeal rePeat reSale reSeal reSeat retaIl retaKe retaPe reteaM reteaR retelL retIal retIle retRal reVeal Salter Sealer Seater Staler Stelae Stelar Streel taIler talerS talKer talLer teareD teareR teaSel teaSer teaZel teaZle teleGa telFer telLer terCel terGal terRae tHaler traMel traVel treBle Varlet Vealer Velate Welter

Extensions: RelaterS elaterID elaterIN elaterIDS elaterINS elaterITE elaterITES

Sub-anagrams: ae al ale alee alert alt alter ar are arete art artel at ate ear earl eat eater eel el elate er era ere et eta la lar laree lat late later lea lear lee leer leet let rale rat rate ratel re real ree reel relet ret rete ta tae tael tale taler tar tare tea teal tear tee teel tel tela telae tele tree

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