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June 25th, 2009: SHEEPCOT

Definition: SHEEPCOT*SHEEPCOTS n an enclosure for sheep

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: sheepcotE sheepcotS

Ana-hooks: Apotheces

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Apothece cheApest coMpetes ecotYpes heeLpost heptoseS peNoches pesthoLe pIcotees postIche poteNces potheeNs potIches pRechose teLeshop tepAches tRochees

Extensions: sheepcotES

Sub-anagrams: cee cees cep cepe cepes ceps cete cetes cheep cheeps chest chop chops chose cop cope copes cops copse cos coset cosh cost cot cote cotes cots eche eches echo echoes echos echt eco ecos eh epoch epochs epos es escot est estop et etch etches eth ethos eths he hep heps heptose hes hest het hets ho hoe hoes hop hope hopes hops hos hose host hot hots och oche oches oe oes oh ohs op ope opes ops opt opts os ose pe pec pech pechs pecs pee pees peh pehs pes peso pest pesto pet pets pho phos phot phots pht po poet poets poh pos pose posh post pot pots pst scop scope scot sec sect see seep sept set sh she sheep sheet sho shoe shop shot shote so soc soh sop soph sot soth spec spect speech spot steep step stop stope te tec tech techs tecs tee tees tes the thee these thesp tho those to toe toes top tope topee topees topes toph tophe tophes tophs tops tosh

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