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June 19th, 2022: ABSTERGE

Definition: ABSTERGE*ABSTERGED*ABSTERGING*ABSTERGES v to cleanse by wiping

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: abstergeD abstergeS

Ana-hooks: bertHages

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: abetTers abOrtees abseNter aCerbest arbeLest aUberges baNgster bargeesE bargestS bargHest bargUest beagLers beeragEs beretTas bertHage bestreaK betreaDs bLearest bLeaters bragGest breasteD breatHes bregMate breWages Debaters eagerEst estraNge etagerEs gaMester gerbeRas graNtees greateNs greatesT Hartbees Herbages Meagrest Negaters reageNts rebaDges rebateRs rebatOes regRates restageD restageS retabLes segreaNt sergeaNt stearAge steeragE sterNage streWage sUberate tabreRes terebRas treagUes

Extensions: abstergeNT abstergeNTS

Sub-anagrams: ab abet abets abrege abreges abs ae ag age agee ager agers ages agree agrees ar arb arbs are areg ares aret arete aretes arets ars arse art arts as aster at ate ates ba bag bags bar bare barege bareges bares barest barge bargee bargees barges bargest bars bas base baser bast baste baster bat bate bates bats be bear beare beares bears beast beat beater beaters beats bee beer beers bees beet beets beg begar begars begat beget begets begs berate berates bere beres beret berets berg bergs besat beset best bestar bet beta betas bete betes bets bra brae braes brag brags bras brast brat brats breast bree brees ea eager eagers eagre eagres ear ears earst eas ease east easter eat eater eaters eats ee eger egers egest egesta egret egrets er era eras erase ere eres erg ergate ergates ergs ers erst es est ester et eta etage etages etas gab gabs gae gaes gar garb garbe garbes garbs gare gars gart gas gast gaster gat gate gates gats gear geare geares gears geat geats gee gees geest gerbe gerbes gere geres gest geste get geta getas gets grab grabs graste grat grate grates grease (and 133 more)

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