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October 12th, 2021: TREACLE

Definition: TREACLE*TREACLES n molasses

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: treacleS

Ana-hooks: Bracelet calCrete celLaret cerVelat cleareSt cOrelate Decretal eXcretal lacerAte Praelect racletTe relOcate retacKle Ulcerate

'Typos': treacly treadle

Blana-grams: acCrete acerAte alerteD alerteR altereD altereR artIcle atelIer Bleater caPelet cartelS catereD catereR celeSta ceNtare ceNtral cerateD cerateS cerealS cHeater cHelate claretS clatTer cleaNer cleareD cleareR cleateD cleaVer createD createS creeDal creMate creNate creStal crOtale Declare ecarteS elaterS electOr electrO eNteral erectlY eterNal eXacter eXalter eXcreta Haltere Hectare leacHer leatHer lecterN lectUre lOcater Ocreate Percale Petrale Pleater Plectra Prelate Prelect reacteD realeSt realteR recHeat recItal reclaMe recleaN recRate reelEct reeNact reFlate reFlect relaceD relaceS relateD relateR relateS rePlace rePlate reScale reSlate retaBle reteacH retIcle retRace Scarlet Sclerae Stealer tacKler talcIer teacHer teleraN tercelS terRace tIercel tracHle

Extensions: treacleD#

Sub-anagrams: ace acre act ae al ale alec alee alert alt alter ar arc are arete art artel at ate cal car care caret carl carle cart carte cartel cat cate cater cee cel celt cerate cere cereal cert cete claret clear cleat crate create creel ear earl eat eater ecarte eclat eel el elate elater elect er era ere erect et eta la lac lace lacer lar laree lat late later lea lear lee leer leet let race rale rat rate ratel re react real rec recta rectal ree reel relace relate relet ret rete ta tace tae tael talc tale taler tar tare te tea teal tear tec tee teel tel tela telae tele terce tercel trace tree

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