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March 30th, 2014: RAGGLE

Definition: RAGGLE*RAGGLES n a groove cut in masonry

Anagrams: gargle lagger

Hooks: Draggle raggleD raggleS

Ana-hooks: Blagger Flagger gaNgrel gargleD gargleR gargleS gregalE greYlag Haggler laggerS

'Typos': daggle gaggle haggle raggee waggle

Blana-grams: aggerS agIler aglAre agregE alegAr aleggE aNgler argleD argleS argYle Bagger Beggar Dagger Dargle eggarS egglEr gagerS gagGer galAge galerE galOre gaNger gaOler garAge garBle gargeT gaUger glaIre glareD glareS glaZer graIle graKle graNge graPle graVel graYle gUrgle Jagger laAger lagerS laggeD laggeN laNger largeN largeR largeS leggEr lIgger lOgger lUgger Malgre Nagger raggeD reFlag regalE regalS reggaE regNal regUla Sagger Seggar Tagger Tergal Wagger Yagger

Extensions: DraggleD DraggleS STraggleD STraggleS BEDraggleD BEDraggleS STraggle(S) BEDraggle(S) STraggleR(S)

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age ager agger al ale ar are areg argle arle ea ear earl egal egg eggar el er era erg gae gag gage gager gal gale gar gare geal gear gel glare gleg la laer lag lager lar lare large lea lear leg rag rage ragg rale re real reg regal

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